About WellData

WellData Website Information System

Looking for ways to streamline the operations of your Drilling Business? Let M/D TOTCO show you how to bridge the distance from the Rig to your Office with WellData™ and RigSense™ to improve your ability to manage the "Process of Drilling" and more importantly your "Business of Drilling."

Anytime, day or night, you can log into the WellData Website and view the current information you need to find out the exact status of your rigs' current operations. Electronic versions of approved IADC reports as well as Morning, Payroll and other reports are readily available. By auto populating report fields, you can streamline data entry into your critical business applications. At M/D TOTCO, we know what it takes when it comes to "Managing your Business of Drilling."

  • Provides ready access to reports and data via the Internet
  • Delivers efficient reporting for enhanced decision making
  • Presents up-to-the-second data for rigs equipped with WellData/RT (Real Time) Option
  • Provides secured data site – password protected
  • Integrates data easily into your standard office applications
  • Provides for enhanced cost management capabilities when used with DrillWell™ option for business applications

M/D Totco clients using the advancedRigSense™ data aquisition system now have more options than ever. By utilizing the WellData VSAT satellite communication system, you can have all of your data and reports sent into a central data warehouse repository for easy access wherever you do business. The WellData Website Information System streamlines your operations so that you can better "Manage your Business of Drilling."

The WellData application, allows you to store and view designated RigSense™ data and reports for the wells and Rigs pertaining to your operations. The data and reports are easily accessible through our secure web site via any Internet connection using standard web browsers. The application also allows you to share this data in a concise and organized manner with other users. Monitor your drilling investment remotely covering your all of your assets from a central location.

WellData/RT (Real-Time) Option

When you need immediate access to your Rig's process information, our WellData/RT feature provides you an up to the second view of Rig operations. Customize the screens to monitor key variables of the drilling process so that you may contribute to operations in the field in a timely manner. See data as it appears at the rig.